Maya Particles - Fluorophore and Photon Fun

A simple system using nParticles and collisions to simulate fluorophores moving from a state of excitation and releasing a photon. There is some minor expression writing, but most of the work is done with the particle collision event editor.

floatie particles 2014

Using nParticles to generate a cell membrane

shell modeling

Cell division with particles in Maya

snail shell shading

Using the Command Line Render option in Maya



Maya: creating curves with particles

Use nParticles to draw curves in your scene. This is a great way to randomly generate a clump of curves in a way that would be difficult to do by hand. This method cannot be used to generate networks, though; each curve is separate from the others.

nParticles and uncondensed chromosomes

Using particle-generated curves to make uncondensed chromatids of varying lengths. Lots of talking for the first few minutes!

Reverse foot in Maya

A simple tutorial showing a common technique for rigging a foot in Maya. Old version of Maya, but things haven't changed much since then.

Adaptive growth of a villus-like object in Maya

A simple rig that can be used to grow an object along a curve. Based on an extrusion, but with divisions that change as the object gets longer.

MSC2017 dynamic IK spline

Using a dynamic curve to drive an IK spline handle in a joint system.

Modelling and rigging a bacteriophage part 1

This is a complex rig for a bacteriophage. It combines dynamic spline IK for the "neck" along with traditional IK and foot setup for the legs.

Modelling and rigging a bacteriophage part 2

Part 2 of the bacteriophage rigging

paintEffects intro

This is a broad overview of paint effects in Maya. It is a useful tool in certain situations, but has its limits. It exists outside of the normal dynamics system, but can be made to work with it using nHair as a paint effects controller. This is not described here.

paintEffects flowAnimation

Animating the growth of a paint effects brush.

paint effects tubes

Paint Effects tubes in Maya

Introduction to nCloth in Maya

nCloth basics


An introduction to MASH, the procedural motion graphic module in Maya.

DNA modeling inClass

An oldie, and a bit long, but here we look at modelling stylized DNA in Maya, and how to rig it for various types of animation.

MSC2017 animation expressions in Maya

Some simple expressions in Maya to automate aspects of an animated scene.


MSC2017 render setup intro

MSC2017 rendering

MSC2017 vacuole bleb

MSC2017 render setup AOVs

Rendering Arbitrary Output Values with the Arnold renderer in Maya

ruth neuron render setup

Using render setup to arrange render layers and neuron firing signal

ruth neuron 01

cell locomotion ncloth

MSC2017 vacuole bleb with sound

cell division with deformed nParticles

Adaptive growth of a vessel

Add divisions to a cube that grows along a spline.

TMM Mash Blend Deformer and neurotransmitters

Ten Minute Maya! Using Mash in Maya 2017 to animate the deformation of a surface to simulate the release of neurotransmitters from vacuoles in the synapse.
Here is a link to the tutorial where I learned this technique originally. Thanks to Ian Waters, the creator of Mash:

Ten Minute Maya 001 - interface basics

Ten Minute Maya 002 - navigation and transforming objects

Ten Minute Maya 003 - Polygon Components

Ten Minute Maya 004 - NURBS vs Polygons

Ten Minute Maya 005 - NURBS modeling tools

Ten Minute Maya 006 - basic polygon tools 1

Ten Minute Maya 007 - basic polygon tools 2

Ten Minute Maya - basic polygon tools 3

Ten Minute Maya - project setup

Ten Minute Maya - modelling tips

Ten Minute Maya - image planes for reference

TMM intro 13 deformers

Ten Minute Maya - modelling with deformers

Maya 2017 - Lighting, shading, Arnold renderview

AiStandardSurface shader in Maya 2017

Arnold Skydome Light in Maya 2017

Arnold area lights in Maya 2017

Arnold render sampling in Maya 2017

Importing and referencing in Maya 2017

A brief introduction to UV mapping in Maya 2017

A brief introduction to MASH in Maya 2017

glass vial label - arnold in Maya

Maya 2017 - Making connections in the Hypershade

Maya 2017 - Making connections in the Hypershade

Maya 2017 - Render curves with Arnold!

Label shader in Maya with Arnold - part 1

Label shader in Maya with Arnold - part 2

Modelling a ribbon-like tentacle in Maya

UV Mapping a bird in Maya 2018

Putting feathers on a Bird in Maya 2018 using Xgen

bird modelling - in class November 20

xgen feathers - in class Nov 20

Principles of animation

Morning session Jan. 9, 2018

MSC2017 jan9 afternoon bouncing ball exercise

jan 29 MSC2017 shaders1

Toon shaders and start of Fresnel shader

jan 29 MSC2017 shaders2

Fresnel shader and transparent shader

cell division population expression

HSC404 - Stippling instruction and demonstration

jan 15 2018 MSC2017 am 01 project render setup


HSC404 stippling scan

Scan your drawings in order to scale them to 1:1 and to tighten up the value range.

Creating a dot pattern brush in Adobe Illustrator

Creating a breccia lithologic pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Linear pattern in Adobe Illustrator

TMM Mash Blend Deformer and neurotransmitters

cell division population expression

hsc404 assignment2 illustrator setting up doc

HSC404 assignment2 bringing in images

HSC404 assignment2 figurative elements

hsc404 assignment2 starting stratigraphy

Eye model in Maya 2018

Ridged lid - Displacement in Arnold

hand rigging in class

Maya 2016 Ext 2 - Using the MASH Color node with Arnold

Maya 2016 Ext 2 - Using the MASH Color node with Arnold

MAYA FEMALE HEAD MODELING for animation tutorial

Rendering with Arnold in Maya 2018

Lipid Bilayer Mash Maya 2018

Rendering Depth of Field in Camera with Arnold in Maya 2018

Making a Fresnel (fall-off) shader (Arnold in Maya 2018)

Rendering Paint Effects with Arnold in Maya 2018

Maya Paint Effects with MASH - Field of grass

Approaches to making flagella in Maya 2018

A broad overview of approaches to making hair-like structures in biomedical animation.

DNA modelling in Maya

aiwireframe in Maya 2018

Render setup in Maya 2018 - part 1 - Introduction

Render setup in Maya 2018 - part 2 - Render Layers

Rendering set up in Maya 2018 - part 3 - Z Depth AOV

Maya 2018 - part 4 - Rendering Cryptomatte AOV

Cell division in Maya with the MASH blend deformer

nHair Bacteria in Maya

River Fluid Texture in Maya

Bury something... with Maya Fluid and nParticles

ae camera import